Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Darwin Day

Yesterday was Darwin Day. There was much rejoycing and fanfare. Ok, maybe there wasn't. In fact, maybe most of you weren't even aware. Nevertheless, there was much discussion on the radio. The disussion was largely intelligent design versus evolution. The conversation would get very emotional, but what was suprising is who was emotional. Many would assume conservative Christians, but that simply wasn't the case.

Often the media and other public forums label conservative Christians intolerant, and as a Christ Follower, I would tell you they're right. I mean, who was it that tried to pass anti-gay marriage laws? Jesus avoided public office and legislating morality. In fact, he was down on the pharisees for doing it. He had the audacity to suggest loving people instead of cornering them with regulations.

No, the emotionally angry people screaming about the mere idea of a creator of this earth we live in were actually evolutionists. Angry, speaking in harsh tones, or just outright shouting. So, if there is so much fact that is indisputable for Evolution, why are you getting so bent out of shape? It seems it's pretty cut-and-dry.

The real issue is that Creationism gets personal. It means people have to consider the idea that there may actually be a God, and then they would have to be responsible. Let's face the facts, people aren't kind. Generally speaking, even if you never steal, or murder, or commit adultry (which as far as the last one goes, most people do commit adultry, it's just their personal definition excludes premarital sex as part of the definition,) they do swear, or react angrily to situations that are petty, or even freak out in traffic... Well, the list goes on and on. As a Christ-Follower, I have to keep all that in check, not because of some law some yahoo got passed, but because following him makes me want to. Evolutionists realize all of this, and inside don't want to be challenged like that. If you remove God from the equation of our existance, then you relieve the pressure. The only problem is, it really doesn't because your gut tells you your off base. So when someone starts presenting evidence that opposes your beliefs, it brings all that junk to the surface. So you're constantly distressed over an issue that factually is a non-sequitor.

What stress. Is the belief in Evolution really more stress free?


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