Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl 42 - Worst Ever

Never mind that my beloved New England Patriots stunk up the place with poor offense, over working their defense. Nevermind that the Giants didn't even deserve to be in the Superbowl.

Low score, high defense, lousy entertainment, and just plain awful commercials plagued this year's superbowl. Regardless who won or lost this year's superbowl begs the question, "Can someone save America's most celebrated sporting event from the throws of utter mediocrity?"

Myspace has a superbowl commercial review section, and I imagine all of the ads are pretty low-scoring. I would hope so. None of them compared to some of the great offerings of years past including ones by Bud Lite - which are legend.

Halftime was plagued by Tom Petty. Sorry folks, I know he's a musical legend of sorts, but he's not Superbowl Material. We went from the likes of Aerosmith to Tom Petty. It's just not the same.

Because of the Janet Jackson issue from a few years ago we now have a mere shadow of what used to be a ritual celebration of sports, friends, family, and just overall entertainment. We now have a pathetic attempt at political correctness.

Thanks Janet.

Oh, and yeah. The Patriots sucked on ice, you'll get no argument from me. The way they played, they deserve the loss. If I were Bob Craft, I'd fire my offensive coordinator. Like now.


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