Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Texting Ban - Safety Or Another Power Grab?

Mass. Senate votes to ban texting while driving

May 22, 2009

By David Abel, Globe Staff

The state Senate has dropped its longstanding opposition to a ban on texting while driving, laying the groundwork for a prohibition in Massachusetts after several tragedies caused by distracted drivers.

After years of tabling similar bills, the state Senate voted for a budget amendment late Thursday night that would ban either writing or reading text messages while behind the wheel.

One has to ask if this is really about safety. Since this same state has tried twice - unsucessfully - to require helmets while kids are sledding, it would seem this is more a clear message that the powers that be have enough influence and power to make any law regarding anything they so choose. Conveniently, these laws seem to usually involve "personally responsible behavior". I'm sure the Conservative Wing would argue the same way about items such as abortion and gay marriage, however this invasion of personal responsibility only appears to swing one way: When it gives government authority and a little more power to reach further into our personal lives and control our private behavior.

Text while driving, along with seat belt laws and helmet laws, is not the government's playing field. Americans need to be free to make careless decisions and it should not affect anyone one way or another. If they wear the helmet, it should not be because someone told them to. Likewise, if they don't wear the helmet, crash, and end up a road pizza, no one should be allowed to sue and the responsibility should fall on family members to clean up the mess, so to speak.

The more power you allow these people, the less freedom you will have to make personal decisions regarding your own life.


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