Thursday, March 13, 2008

Racism and White Power

If I live to be 100, I'll never understand White Supremacists. I recently encountered someone claiming to be a Christian on a message board who seemed to have seriously confused Jesus' love message. On his blog he proudly bears the swastika that's tattooed on his chest, and he frequently uses racial slurs in his blogs. His tolerance for anyone who is not fair skinned (possibly the very last variation of skin pigmentation, which hardly gives anyone any grounds for a claim that whites are the master race) is at a minimum. It prompted me to give the final word on this plague of hatred.

Racism has it routes deep in America, and the very few people who still carry on it's traditions never exactly appear to be splitting any atoms. I once heard a comedian say, "Maybe to be a supremacist, you should first know how to spell it. That should weed out a few."

Small minded ideals such as white people, who just possibly could be a genetic mutation if you think about the amount skin color variants in the world, who think they are the master race is so sad and pathetic, it almost isn't worth blogging about. Except I feel I owe my Spanish, Black, Asian, etc. brothers more than just dismissing this group of zilches that seem to think they are perfect.

We're Americans. As Bill Murray said in Stripes, "We're mutts. We're the wretched refuse. We've been kicked out of just about every country in the world." So where do any one of us get off thinking because we have white skin we rule the roost? It's a pile of small minded garbage. Anyone who subscribes to it and claims to be a Christ Follower is a fraud, because it certainly wasn't the example of Christ, who by the way, every historical record says, was a Nazarene Hebrew. So, I guess we would Lynch him as well...


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