Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Musicmatch Jukebox Destroyed By Yahoo

MusicMatch Jukebox has been a bundle of great MP3 and music management applications in one package. Apparently, it is the end of life for this wonderful MP3 player, ripper, catalog, CD player, Internet radio player, purchase outlet, Auto DJ, Super Tagger, and music database. There was nothing not to like about the product. There is nothing to like about the new downgrade, Yahoo! Music Jukebox. MusicMatch users have been getting notices to 'upgrade'; those who have taken the bait are not pleased. The Yahoo! Music Jukebox feedback forum doesn't have much nice to say about the product. Lots of features have gone away and the 'free upgrade' costs about $20. -Bob, Slashdot.com, Jul 09, 2007
Well, I can tell you I've made several attempts to launch MMJB, when it wouldn't launch anymore, I started searching on the web. Seems Yahoo took the liberty of installing a program on anyone's computer that had a copy of Musicmatch Jukebox that would effectively halt the program from even launching in an effort to bully users to buy their less featured Yahoo Music Jukebox.

This seems tantamount to installing a virus. It's a program that stops or causes your computer to do something totally unwanted. Nobody broke any laws by deciding not to convert to Yahoo's player. Yet truly, they've been punished.

The fact of the matter is Yahoo Music Player is nothing more than Spamware. It's one giant Java powered advertisement for the latest 3-chord recycled sound of the week. It's not a true jukebox, just a program that runs music ads and happens to burn a cd.

No kudos to Yahoo for dropping the ball yet again. It may be advisable to consider not ever kicking the music fan. He has a tendency to bite back.


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